trail tree

Dennis' research pieces are based on years of field research he has conducted throughout the United States and Canada, with his main focus in the Great Lakes area. Dennis has worked with archeologists, Native American Historical experts, ethnologists, and historians to verify his research and to add credence to his study. His research pieces showcase ancient symbolism used by the Native Americans in North America. All of Dennis' research pieces are his realistic interpretations of symbols from the past, with the main goal of his work being to draw attention to these beautiful symbols from the Great Lakes Region and Beyond. All of these Original pieces are composed of handmade natural paper and presented in frames also made by the artist.

Symbols of the Potawatomi

Dennis' latest body of works, but especially "Rituals" evokes a multiplicity of spiritualistic experiences, and projects a vibrancy which is integral to the human family and it's relationship to the animal and spiritual worlds."     ~Anne Mc Mullen

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