Dennis Downes Studio tapestries

Dennis is, to date, one of the few watercolor artists to have his work reproduced in hand woven tapestry. In 1997, his work was chosen by a company in Europe to reproduce his original works. These incredibly detailed contemporary tapestries (gobelin) are hand woven by prominent Polish artisans. Each piece is created entirely by hand by these master weavers, preserving ancient traditions in an era of advancing technologies.

The wool is hand spun and hand dyed, using a process that imbues every tapestry with a surprising distinct personality. Each weaving is a testament to the art and craft of exceptional design. Like highly prized tapestries of ancient cultures, Polish gobelins are woven to be enjoyed and treasured for generations.

Featuring a flax warp for foundation and wool weft. All of the weavings are made of 100% natural materials. As a result of careful dying methods and special yarn treatments, all tapestries are colorfast and mothproof.

"Rarely does the work of an artist translate so successfully from the original painted canvas to a woven tapestry like the art of Dennis Downes. We feel honored to add his unique artwork to our permanent collection of fiber art."

Individual original tapestries are now available.
Tapestries can be hand-made to specific dimensions starting at 38" x 36" up to 9' x 11'.

For more information on pricing, availability, and ordering, please contact
Downes Studio at or telephone (847) 395-8875.